Pixel UI

Pixel UI


Finally have the mouse cursor sticking to the scrollbar grip.


Working on a panel with scrollbars. so far so good needs some adjustments, but it has functionality.


I have been playing more and more with the pixel game library. More and more I want some controls to use in my development. Simple buttons or checkboxes. I have started a library of my own for just such a task. It is in the very early stages, but I am having fun building it so far.

So far I have buttons and checkboxes and would like to build on that. I would like dropdowns and a file dialog. I will work away in my spare time and I am making good progress. Not enough to make public, soon when I have enough code that will be the idea.

Here are some screenshots of buttons and checkboxes:

Writing a function to make sure text always fits the control.

Stay tuned, I will try to update my progress as I go.


The global.Text struct helps us pin-point the position of our text. This will help when trying to place labels on controls. global.Text does not have a matrix, it will always start at pixel.ZV the zero vector. In the examples below the cross hair is pixel.ZV.

| Example | Alignment | | - | - | | | AlignLeft() method. Align starting from pixel.ZV with text moving right and down.| | | AlignRight() method. Align starting from pixel.ZV with text moving left and down.| | | Center() method. Center the width and height of the text with pixel.ZV. This is also the default alignment. | | | CenterHorizontally() method. Center the width of the text with pixel.ZV with text moving down. | | | CenterVertically() method. Center the height of the text with pixel.ZV with text moving right.|

There is also a method called Shorten(r pixel.Rect), this menthod will shorten text to fit a rectangle, as you can see in the images above Width 3 p... is long text but it was shortened and ... is the indicator that this line was shortened. The other lines fit the rectangle without the need to be shortened.

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